On the clock in the 4th

You are faced with all 3 rams receivers and you are in need of a wr 2,ppr…who you taking and why???you know none will get back around to you in the fifth and the other wr options dont excite you.

I prefer to take the “last one”. Taking the first is almost always an over pay.

What 4th pick and 5th pick do you have?

Gun to my head - I’m taking Cooks.

Hypothetically in re draft.drafting 5 or 6th overall this year,and I know kupp wont fall very far cuz I live in Eastern wa and my league here loves him.lol.

Personally I prefer Woods. But I think any of them is a good pick. I rank them woods, cooks, kupp

Ranked in Value or in expectation for 2019?

Irrelevant,if your on the clock and the 3 are still there…who you taking??

My expectation. In value I think Cooks goes first. I would rather have Woods though

Woods, all day.

Also Woods, he just seems more consistent to me.

I take Kupp if my WR1 is super safe (Michael Thomas)

I take Cooks if my WR1 is a little more risky (Evans/Hill/etc)

Both should be super consistent WR2 value minimum; but, Cooks has produced at the same level for 3 straight years and Kupp is more TD dependent. So, Kupp is slightly riskier with higher upside. I don’t take Woods over either.