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On the Clock trades please comment 😊


In my rookie draft that just ended, i did a couple of trades and would like to hear your thoughts…

1: i traded the rookie 2.08 pick for Eric Ebron,
the pick ended up being Juju Smith-Schuster

2: i traded the 1.07 pick for Isaiah Crowell, the 2.11 and a 2018 first rounder,
1.07 was Mike Williams
2.11 was Jamaal Williams

My team before the rookie draft:
QB: Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz, Mike Glennon
RB: Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin, Jacquizz Rodgers, Rex Burkhead, Ty Montgomery,
WR: Cole Beasley, De’Vante Parker, Paul Richardson, Michael Thomas, Donte Moncrief, Jamison Crowder, Allen Robinson
TE: Will Tye, Maxx Williams

I had 13 Rookie picks


I really like Ebron and on a pass heavy team, with them drafting another weapon, I think Ebron still has some potential left, and I like him better than all the other TE’s you have there in my personal rankings.

Personally I like where you stand, Crow being fairly young and in a rejuvenated offense, I am interested in Crow. Also in my eyes a guaranteed starting RB is better than a WR that may be the WR3 for his team if that.
However, I do like the upside a lot in Jamaal Williams. but like I said an already young RB in Crow is just as good. In my opinion.

You could’ve used a guy like Crow and you got a better TE… I think you did well. Yeah you may have missed the “names” but that’s all rookies are until they get on the field a prove themselves.

I think your team improved, got two young talents that have a lot to prove… Good going


Hi Dylan thanks for the feedback, i got both jamaal williams, crow and a first next year for the pick that were Mike Williams so i guess you like it even more


Did I read this right? Sent the 1.07. Got back a 2018 1st, Crow, and the 2.11. If so that’s awesome for you and I feel a little bad for the other guy.


Very much right, i put him under alot of pressure and sold the oppertunity to get Mike Williams, sold the name


Yeah, you killed it on both of those trades. Love Ebron this year… he’s progressed every year and I think this is the one where you see him live up to expectations.
That 2nd trade was a no brainer. Crow is a solid known commodity that’s worth a late 1st by himself… but getting major trade bait with that future 1st AND williams… that’s a home run. Nice work.


The Ebron ownet really hated to let him go but had better TE depth


Lucky break for him to fall that far.


WOW! What a great steal, great job! :slight_smile:


Definitely love both trades. I’m another who is on-board with the general “vets over rookies” philosophy in most cases, and you improved at two relatively weak positions on your team. Good job!


I love both trades in general, but especially for your team. Grabbing the Crow will be huge for your RB crew in which no one is the clear cut #1 this season (IMO). Ebron is a massive upgrade to your TE position. I like Aaron Jones more than Jamaal Williams due to measurables (I know the Packers invested more capital in Williams, but in the late 4th and 5th round the differential is minimal), but otherwise that second trade is just phenomenal. Nice job dude!