On the fence. Golden Tate or Ridlley?

Thurs games, I always seemed to get burned. Would like to start Tate, Dallas does have a good secondary but, they do give it up to slot guys. Then with Sproles returning that is going eat some work.

Ridley, looks like Sanu is not in great shape. That could be something but right now hard to say.

Leaning towards Ridley but I could see an Amari /Comboys type game for sure for Tate.

Ridley for me too.
What you mean about Thursday games though?!

Oh, mistake on me. Thought it was Thurs. Yeah, think I have to go Ridley. I think Tate is going to be ok but Sproles has the brakes on for me.

Haha Steelers v Panthers gonna be a way better game anyway tonight!
Yeah Tate on a new team, leave him a week to see how he slots in with Wentz.
I dropped Sanu this week due to injury concerns, and he’s there to block a lot of the time anyway so Ridley is a better option for me this week, and ROS

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