On the way to 0-3 panic time?

10 man half ppr redraft
start 1 qb, 2wr, 2rb, 1 te, 1 flx
I like my team decently but have faced some absurd scores the first 2 weeks and looking like i might be in for a third
Should i try to look for some moves maybe to upgrade for a real wr1

Drake, Jones,Kelly,Swift, Harris
Obj, Green, Chark, Fuller, Crowder
Gesicki, Hurst

really doesnt feel like this should be a winless team

You can’t afford to deal Drake or Jones…and I’ve been getting hurt by Green and Chark as well.

How’s the team doing that has Golladay (or maybe Godwin)? Maybe you can get to them before he comes back. Or see if you can package up a few pieces to get a solid WR.

Your last resort…Swift, Harris, Green, Fuller, Crowder, and one of your TEs are droppable. Deal Lamar and get a boatload in return. And in a 10 team league, unless you’re going to get back Kyler/Dak/Russ, don’t take a QB in the deal, just start streaming.


yeah i hadnt really wanted to shop lamar but maybe i should here.

Golladay is on a team that wont trade and its a detroit league so basically no chance unless i over pay.

Godwin owner is pretty stacked but with stafford at qb lamar there could be an option.

Thanks for the thoughts!

An interesting thought here, is what is the QB situation looking like for Nuke’s owner?

If they could use a the Human Cheat Code upgrade, I would attempt Lamar for Hopkins/mid to low WR2.

With Nuke you get a surefire WR1 and some WR depth with a mid to low WR2.

Well i like that idea heres their team
dak, Rodgers
henry,monty,kerryon (wow only 3 i really like triple looked)
Hopkins,gallup,metcalf,aj brown,jefferson, mike williams
kittle, hooper, graham

so probably not super interested and more needs the rb than anything

Yeah, it is probably going to a hard sell based on his team.

Another trade swing Lamar for A Rob/high WR2.

While A Rob hasn’t been great the past 2 weeks, he still continues to see volume and somewhere near 40% of his targets have been deemed uncatchable (credit the Fantasy Hitman for that stat). I fully believe A Rob will have a bounce back week this week against Atlanta’s dismal defense.

I feel like hes not enough of a bump over guys like obj green and chark though like hes a little better but not the every week top 12 wr but ill be taking a look at that roster too now lol

Ridley is another WR to target for Lamar too.

Packaged of course with a low WR2.

No shot is he going to get Ridley AND a second WR for just Lamar. Ridley would have to have a bad week or 2 for that to happen, as he’s currently the #1 overall WR in fantasy (just from points accumulated in the first 2 weeks, not talent wise)


True, you are right, he will need to add a piece with Lamar to get Ridley and another WR.