ON TILT! Steady....steady

I am starting 1-3 in my league. No, I’m not panicked since I’ve started 0-4 before and won the league, but I’m open to suggestions. The worst part about it is my team has not been bad. I am tied for 3rd in my league for points scored, but #1 in the league for points scored against…I’ve had really tough matchups. So…do I just hold and ride the wave or try to make some moves and if so what is my weak points?

QB – Lamar Jackson
RB – Lev Bell, Chris Carson, Darrel Williams, T Cohen, Malcom Brown, Tony Pollard
WR – OBJ, Robert Woods, Josh Gordon, Marvin Jones, AJ Green, Mike Williams
TE – Darren Waller
DST – Texans
K – Crosby

Solid team. Probably need a little more RB depth because after Bell and Carson you don’t have much (I have the same problem). You could try to flip Gordon or Jones for a decent RB2/Flex guy because hopefully Green and Williams will be healthy at some point.

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too. I’ve been tempted to sell Waller high, but the TE is so thin that I’m not sure that’s going to be a great move for me long term.