On to week 13 what DST are you stashing 1) and what DST are you starting 2)

I just have the patriots now but I’m feeling there are better DST out there. I’m liking Seahawks for a playoff stash. What does the #footclan think?

  1. ???

  2. patriots

The Denver D was the one I was looking to pick up if they were on waivers before this week to stash for late season…

I was able to pick them up in a few leagues before this week looking ahead, so if they are on waivers that is one I would consider…

Denver remaining season:
Week 13: @Cincy without their starting QB
Week 14: @SF 49ers
Week 15: Browns
Week 16: @Oakland Raiders
Week 17: LA Chargers

The only game that really worries me is against the Chargers in Week 17…

I worry about the Seahawks D a little bit because they have to go against the Vikings/Chiefs…
They do have favorable matchups against SF twice and the Cardinals in Week 17…

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I just read they lost a LB, do you think that will affect them in any way? Team chemistry?

Tough decision because all have favorable matchups for ROS between Seahawks, Patriots, Broncos…

Having the NE Patriots Defense with the final two week against Buffalo/NYJ is very tempting to just hold what you got with them for the playoff push if you are likely to make playoffs…

If you have a roster spot that is droppable I would keep the Patriots D for late season, but add the Seahawks D because they face the 49ers 2 of the next 3 weeks…

that will get you by and be able to play the NE Patriots D the last 2 weeks against Buffalo/NYJ

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You think the patriots are worth keeping?

Nice thanks

Yes keep Patriots if you think you will make playoffs, very favorable last 2 games against horrible offenses

looking at 10-2 with 1 playoff game then heading to the championship rd for the title week 16 :fist:t4:

Anyone thinking about the Chiefs vs Oak this week? I’m stashing the Pats and Viks but thinking about picking up the Chiefs for that matchup.

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@Caveman45 I think the Chiefs are a stellar play this week, they are really getting after the QB and create turnovers and have the talent to score defensive TDs. Also if they get Berry back soon that will be a nice boost for the back end.

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So I have the Patriots right now, Broncos are available. Dont really want to play Patriots against Vikings or at Pitt. Broncos have Cincy and Cleveland in those 2 weeks. Should I just go Broncos to have 1 roster spot for defense?

I’ve been asking about the bronco DST hype, I know they just lost a LB so I’m
Hoping that doesn’t mess team chemistry up. I’m also hoping they play good D unlike the teams that were supposed to smash jets and bills. Lol