One dynasty spot left!

I have two spots left in a 10 man .5 PPR dynasty league. It is run through ESPN, but our draft will be a slow draft via Facebook Messenger. The draft will be starting this weekend, so looking to fill these spots asap! Buy in for this year is $25 through either PayPal or Venmo. To go along with the money pot, we will also be giving away a signed jersey this year as extra incentive! The rosters will be 24 players, consisting of 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE and 3 FLEX. This means we do not start DEF or Kickers. The first 19 rounds will be 2nd year players and older, then the order will be reversed and there will be a 5 round rookie draft. Each year after the initial start up we will have a 5 round rookie draft as well. Looking for guys or girls that will be active and have a great time playing. It does not matter if this is your first year, or you are a savvy veteran. Just looking for some friendly and fun competition with some trash talking thrown in too. If this sounds like the league for you leave a comment with your email, and we can get you signed up right away! Thanks everyone!

I would love to join. Hit me up at if it is still available.

It is open, I will send over the invite! Does the Facebook draft work for you, and will you be able to send money before our draft this Saturday? Sorry to pester, just need to make sure!

Yeah I can use Paypal to send the money over. I totally understand as I been in leagues were people didnt pay and it sucked. I havent dont a facebook draft before but it sounds cool. Question though. How do we keep track of all the players who are still available or drafted?

I will keep a roster for each team, keeping track of each player picked. It will take a little bit of work on your end just to keep track for yourself. I just suggest printing out a cheat sheet and crossing off as players are picked. It is a slow draft, so there could be up to 4 hours between picks, but hopefully less time than that, meaning it shouldn’t be too hard to keep track. I’m pretty flexible though, so I’ll help out as much as possible. Thanks for being understanding with payment! All the info will be on the league homepage.

Nice. Just send the buy in to you through Paypal. I am excited for the draft

Awesome, just got it! Thanks so much for being so quick. When you get the chance to add on FB messenger, I will add you to our group chat.

If you still got a spot open I’m definitely interested.

There is one spot left! Would the Facebook Messenger work for you? And would you be able to make payment before Saturday?

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Yes, that works and yes I can pay by Saturday. How do I join?

Awesome, just need an email to send the invite to and I’ll get it to you right away. If you add me via Facebook today, we will pick draft order by tomorrow.

I’m interested. But no Facebook…