One for one trade?

Got offered Alshon Jeffrey for my Adrian Peterson. Contemplating if I should take it. Who looks better ROS?

alshon does imo assuming you have equal need at each position

What does the rest of your roster look like? Depends what you need

My team so far~

RB: DJ+Peterson+Miller+P.Lindsey+Aaron Jones
WR: Marvin Jones, B.Cooks, Calvin Ridley, Josh Gordon

Standard scoring 10 man

I think Alshon has better rest of season value and helps your team

I’d go Alshon based upon your roster construction.

Sorry to bother you with this but he also has Antonio Brown and is 0-4 right now. If I packaged Peterson and one of the WR(most likely Cooks or Ridley) in my roster, would I be giving too much?

no, you’d be giving nothing. AB is worth twice that.


Too much for Brown? If I were the Brown owner I would reject that as quickly as possible


haha thanks for your honesty guys. If you did had to trade between Cooks or Ridley, who would you choose?

I would rather trade Ridley. He’s hotter now so would probably get better return, and the Ballers have said his snap count is going down a bit. His 6 tds in 3 game pace is not sustainable

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