One Keeper - Please Help!

I play in a 10-team one keeper league… Do I keep Juju and lose my 5th Round pick, or keep Kerryon now that Riddick was released and lose my 8th?

I think I would pick Kerryon in the 8th. Do you know what your draft position is?

Kerryon in the 8th without hesitation! Good Luck this year!

I’m tempted to say JuJu because I agree with Jason that there’s literally a path for him to be the WR1 overall… but I like Kerryon in the 8th like the others have said. That’s a solid starting RB value later in your draft & you’ll be glad on draft day to see what the RB landscape will be in that 8th round.

I’d keep JuJu. losing Riddick adds a little value to Johnson, but losing carries to him wasn’t my biggest concern, and I think JuJu offers too much upside to pass on