One keeper. Who should I keep?

This year my leauge is doing keepers for the first time. I’m only able to keep players drafted from previous season draft round 8 or later.

I’m hoping the community can help me choose for the best value?

Each player kept has a cost associated (round you will loose)

Josh Allen cost 8
Lamar Jackson 8
Dj Moore 8
Jared Cook 8
Kyle Rudolph 8
Mike Williams 8
Cooper Kupp 7

Who should I keep?

I have an idea who but wanted to get feedback from the community.

Thanks everyone.

If its a PPR league I would keep Kupp.

Kupp or DJ Moore

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I would probably favor Lamar Jackson since he Should have the best combonation of Floor and upside. He should finish top 12 at his position and has the potential to finish top 6, potential being key word.

Josh Allen would be good, but chances are you could get him for free and Lamar Jackson has a better team around him.

Williams could have immense upside, especially if Allen were to go down, but honestly, he could be up and down all year and more than likely you would need an injury to make him reliable in production. Rivers has a ton of weapons to throw to. Eckler or gordon should affect anything. Henry is healthy.
If youre not gonna keep a QB, Keep Mike Williams. He’s Easily the safest WR of the bunch with the safest chance of Upside. Allen and Henry get hurt a ton. If Henry goes down, Williams Would easily be a WR 2, If Allen were to go down, Williams has WR 1 upside.

Kupp is coming off an serious leg injury, 2nd year player. Woods and Cooks are ahead of him. And a capable recieving Backfield.

Cook… you can do better.

DJ moore… Could do well. only 2nd year. Samuel playing well. Cam hasn’t been the best QB for WR reliability with exception to Steve smith. Also, You just do Not know enough about DJ Moore yet and how frequently and where on the feild the Panthers will use him.

Kyle Rudolph is a Fossil. He’s slow. Irv Smith will push for playing time. Rudolph would be VERY TD dependant. You would probably drop him by week 2

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Cooper Kupp.

Keeping Kupp would be a huge mistake. Even if it were 1 point PPR.

A keeper should be the player you have with the most potential to start every week and make an impact. There is no way in hell you will be able to start Kupp and probably not DJ Moore every week, not even at Flex.
You Can start Lamar Jackson Every week.
And you can Flex M. Williams every week with out an injury to Henry or Allen and as I said, if one or both of them go down, you can start Williams as your WR 1 or 2. He could potentially be a WR 2 without an injury…

My 2 cents. Your team. Best of luck

Mike William’s in my opinion Lamar Jackson would be my second pick