One more to join deep, free, 8-team league going into its 15th season

I’ve opened a few slots. I’m willing to put it back to a 10-team league if I get enough interest.
Live Draft is on 9/6 5:15pm PST
It’s a platinum level league.
I run it like a democracy.
I’m defending champ.
To my knowledge, everyone is above 30 in the league.
A rookie to the league last year, scored the most points, but lost to 2nd highest point getter in the champ game.
Pro-style stat mods (for balance), along with 22 draft rounds ultimately rewards workhorse players and active managers.
Standard Yahoo waiver-wire and trade deadline.

Positions are as follows…
IR(x5) - this year only, normally one.

Still got a spot to join? This looks bonkers!

You’re #8 in. I may have a neighbor joining too. He wasn’t interested last year being his first fantasy season in a paid league, run by his brother. Of course he got smashed. I tried to bribe him this year telling him about The Fantasy FoOtballers to help him out if he joined my league. Maybe I should have kept that information closer to the belt, until he actually joined… lol.

What’s your favorite NFL team Timmay!?! :slight_smile:

Actually agnostic! I just root for too many other bad teams in other sports, and doing fantasy allows me to follow more dispassionately.

Thanks for letting me join!