One more trade option to consider

Give: David Johnson + Amari Cooper
Get: Josh Jacobs + AJ Green

10 Team Standard Scoring

Bump :slight_smile:

I’d make that deal.

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Who would you pick between Sutton, Green, M. Brown, Allen?
Does Green seem like the right fit to balance the deal?

If you can pick, Brown.

I would take the deal but i would choose Sutton over Green

So looking for any additional input.

Owner is good to go but I get to choose Green or Sutton.

The boom/bust potential of Green makes him a bit more exciting (but worrisome)
Sutton seems a bit safer but less exciting.

This would be for a flex/depth role since I also have Thomas, Golladay, Woods, and Edelman

You are right with Green he has more boom potential but also the injury risk scares me, i personally like sutton who can be a big player this year and is also the safer option. They are both good players but I would personally take Sutton

Yeah, I went with Sutton - so waiting for accept. Thanks!

Hope it works out for you this year!!!


It’s a fairly even trade. WR is so deep this season, but Amari consistently disappears. I’d take the trade. Take your top 10 RB with Jacobs and a more guaranteed work load.

That’s what I was thinking - trying to reduce some bust risk with Johnson and Cooper. AND I wanted another higher ranked RB because Chubb also has some added worry with Hunt’s deal. So I now have:

RB: Chubb, Jacobs, Carson, Montgomery, Dobbins, K. Johnson
WR: Thomas, Golladay, Woods, Sutton, Edelman

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Incredible roster. So much upside, but also safety. How did you score that?

Good drafting? :slight_smile:

I had the 9th spot. I have some risk in my QB and TE though as I have Brady (Round 11) and Engram (Round 9). Both could be great, or could bust.

Feeling not great about this trade so far…

Sutton hurt, David Johnson looked solid yesterday…

Need a big game from Jacobs to make me feel better :slight_smile: