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ONE SPOT OPEN! Startup 10 Team .5 ppr 3 keeper League - $50 LeagueSafe


Looking for some dedicated fellas to start “I Love Michael Keaton” League. We’ll have 3 keepers each year with the keepers costing you a 1st, 2nd, 3rd round pick. Don’t keep guys and you keep your rounds. FAAB budget. $50 Buy in that can be voted on payout. 1/2 ppr with No kickers and 2 flex spots. Everything else is standard. 6 teams go to the playoffs with the 1st and 2nd ranked getting a week one buy. The next years draft order goes to the winner of the losers bracket gets first pick and so on down (winner gets last pick). Let me know if your interested and shoot me your email. Shoot for around September 4th draft…


I would be interested. email is kylemutters@gmail.com


sent a few invites


6 spots available


Once the league is full we can figure out a draft day. Also I’ll send the leaguesafe invite when more peeps join


i am interested nwarren4423@gmail.com


Sent a few more invites


I am interested, ravens1997@live.com


Hey invites might have gone into the junk folder so maybe check there but invites are sent to everyone that’s messaged back


Interested Tyler.white2121@yahoo.com


Sent the invite tyler


One spot left as of now


We have 9 committed and one spot left for anyone who’s interested in a multiple year 3 keeper league


Is the spot left?

If so, send me an invite.



Sent the invite


Joined, sir.

Let me know next steps.


any spots left? Sounds like a fun format


Looks like we’re full as of now but I’ll let you know if someone doesn’t pay by the deadline and get you in!


let me know at jflabelle70@gmail.com :slight_smile: thanks


I am interested as well. If anyone doesn’t work out, let me know.