Only TE is Baby Hands Doyle

I have only Jack Doyle on my squad (1 TE)
12 team PPR
What’s your guys trust level on him!?
I have Not had any time to do the “eye test” and I see Ebron sneaking up in the mix.
-P Dragon

I think in a 12 team PPR, I’m pretty comfortable with Doyle. He’s Luck’s safety valve and he’s going to be seeing pressure all season. Is there anyone on waivers you feel conflicted about?


Nobody worth it, everybody I’m my league has two TE I was going to try and trade for Trey Burton because he didn’t preform well and that owner has kittle and is a niners fan but if I can keep Doyle and not trade I’d prefer that…hence why I wanted to know if I could trust Doyle. And if Burton has a big week 2 I might not be able to trade for him as easy.

I’d definitely hold and see how Doyle and Ebron shake out. Ebron is more athletic, but new. Doyle has Luck’s absolute trust.

He’s always looking for Jack Doyle.

That’s exactly what I wanted to see!!..I’ve always liked Luck, I’ve had him before when he used to play haha. Also I don’t like Ebron he has burned me in the past.
Thanks a bunch man.

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Don’t forget that when Luck was healthy two TEs ate pretty well from that plate with Fleener and D Allen.

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