Open spot in full point PPR league

I’ve got an open spot in a full point ppr league over on espn. It’s the 5th year, so for the 5 year anniversary, we are using default rosters to go back to where it all started. It’s $25 entry pay before draft and winner takes all. It’s me and a bunch of my local friends and a few guys had kids and new jobs and didn’t have time for the league anymore. Draft is September 5th. Any questions or you you’re interested, let me know! Thanks.


I’m interested in joining if the spot is available. I’ve got an account with ESPN. If the spot is available, and you’ll have me let me know and I’ll send my email. Isnitna 10 or 12 person league?

It is still available. It is a 10 person league $25 entry fee. I use PayPal or Venmo, whichever you prefer. Pretty serious league as well. Solid players top to bottoms!

Sounds great. I’ve been playing for 4 years, but my two work leagues are dissolving due to schedule changes and folks leaving the organization for other opportunities. I’m on ESPN already. My email is I’d love to join.

Sending now. Will email you as well for any other questions you may have

Awesome! Thanks! I look forward to it!

@steven7279 still need a player?

Is full as of right now, but if a spot comes open I’ll reach out!

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