Opinion on a trade!

Need help trying to upgrade my WR position. Full PPR. My RB situation is decent right now especially when cmc gets back but I’m not sold with the WR. Should I try and do a package trade with something like Montgomery and Parker or Moore to upgrade? If so who should I try and target

Between Parker and Moore for your WR2 you should be fine but your RBS are stacked I would wait for montgomery to have a big game then try to package him and moore or parker for a WR1 type Theilan, Golladay, Keenan Allen range


Your thought process is right. Just need to find a RB needy team and make a good argument to them on why it makes their team better.

Maybe wait one more week and see if Montgomery, or even Harris, have a big week and them you can shoot for a little higher value.

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Thanks guys! Appreciate it!