Opinion on keepers

It’s a 2 keeper league. No draft cost. my first round pick is 11, but don’t have my second round. Who are you keeping?

at first glance, Josh allen and N Harris.
what do you mean your first round is round 11? how is that possible with only two keepers

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My bad, my first round pick is pick 11

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Definitely Allen. Probably Najee. It could see an argument for D Adams if enough other RBs are made available.

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I’d keep Allen and Harris. There’s a lot of talent going back, but I’m sure not a top 3 QB or top 10 RB. Adams is not Adams with Carr. Moore may fall back to you and I’d snag him back as your WR1. Hooper will be there later.

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I would keep Harris and Adams. If it was superflex I’d definitely keep Allen, but not in 1 qb

I’m with JarekF21 Najee and Adams. Allen sounds tempting but unless two QB, I would rather the WR advantage. Adams will still be a WR1 IMO

Yep, 3rd vote for Harris and Adams.

QBs are a dime a dozen, though admittedly, Allen is among the elite at the position.

But when you consider that in his last 27 games with Carr as his QB, Adams caught 233 passes for 3,030 yards and 38 TDs, it’s kind of hard to let him go.