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Opinion on my draft


This is only a mock draft, but I based it more off my own research than “expert” rankings. Here is my roster in the order I drafted:

LeSean, J. Howard, Hopkins, A. Robinson, Ingram, Tate, Larry Fitz, Paul Perkins, Willie Snead, Mariota, Ebron, Jacquizz, T. Williams, Cardinals D/ST, Matt Prater

I went with a RB priority here because I think there is more WR depth. Worse comes to worse I think I would have good trade options with this team. Thoughts?


Without knowing starting roster and Scoring.

I think its a very good team. Got nice players on your bench that could pop and fill in if one of your starters fizzle. Im guessing your league has no TE position… If not your little thin at that position. LOL

I would be happy with it.


Hopkins and Robinson on the same team? I would be careful with that. They both have marginal Quarterbacks throwing to them and both of those offenses as a whole are ranked on the bottom 10. Statistics show that the top ranked offenses have the best chance at producing WR1’s. So my advice is get a rankings list of the 32 nfl teams offenses and target WR’s from the top 10-15 teams. Taking a chance on Hopkins or Robinson is fine but taking them both is limiting your fantasy teams ceiling as far as weekly points goes.


The rest of the team looks great though.


Last year i had hopkins and robinson, and i was lucky enough to get a lev bell trade for them. needless to say, very happy I was able to get rid of them. If I were you I would try to get the same kind of deal done.