Opinion on my dynasty trade

I think I got away with highway robbery, what do you guys think? I got Jones in the deal

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It’s probably a good trade for you but IMHO I would not say robbery.

In a SF league, Darnold holds a lot of value. He is still young (younger than Burrows…let that sink in…I was shocked!) and that position is powerful in SF. I think he takes steps forward this year and I like him long term. Lazard could be the WR2 in GB and we have seen that be valuable. Gibson is a definitely wild card. He might be amazing and you will regret it, OR he is Cordarrelle Patterson 2.0.

On your side, I am not as high on Jones as many others. I think last year was not the normal for him. I get we are in the full throat for coach speak, but GB has repeatedly said they want RBBC and they drafted a capable guy. I do not think Jones has a lock on the backfield and more competition just moved in. I also think should GB be better through the air (MASH unit last year) his usage will go down. I do not think Jones will suck, but I would be very surprised if he repeats 2019. I do like the pick. I am in on all the 2nd round picks for 2021, and 1sts if you can swing them.

Now, these are just my thoughts and I am plenty wrong on things. I am not forecasting doom. I do think you got the upper side by a bit, which is all you can really want, but I am not sure I see it as robbery as much as a pretty fair trade. However, you clearly got your guy and nothing is better than setting line ups with players you like!

Just my two cents!

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