Opinion on this trade?

So I have this trade on the table: trading Kelvin Benjamin and AP for Alex Smith and Sterling Shepard.

Standard league and my team currently is:
QB- Basically nobody
RB- Ajayi, Bell, AP, A. Morris, J. Allen
WR- Baldwin, Benjamin, Hill, Parker, Hilton
TE- Gronk and Graham

I’m really hurting for a QB, have been streaming recently and it’s costed me. What do you guys think of the trade? (Leaning towards accepting it)


This all boils down to whether you believe in Alex Smith at the end of the day. The guys on the show have been giving him him props because hes been absolutely balling. The only time we’ve really seen him struggle was recently against the Steelers (who are pretty damn good right now).

His next few fixtures are;
Raiders (Nice)
Broncos (Ew)
Cowboys (Nice).

*AS is always going to have a decent floor from his rushing (even at 33 he can still move pretty well) and hes always got a shot at high point games because he has electric playmakers to work with now.

*You also have the option of stacking against favourable matchups with Hill.

*Sterling Shephard could be a solid WR2 when hes back (timeframe a few weeks) because the NY receiving corps has been destroyed, moving SS and Engram into target machine possibility.

*I’m not sold on AP yet. The guys mentioned on the show that the gamescript couldn’t have been any better for him and I’d personally rather have the body of work than one awesome game. However, just to play devils advocate, I read an interesting article from James Koh about Bruce Arians shapeshifting offence, as it has now switched from a shotgun heavy (for DJ and co), to a Power back heavy set (which benefits AP). It looks like BA is moulding the plays to suit APs run style (at least in the one game we saw). Out of the shotgun AP is a turd for some reason, but out of power sets hes averaging like 4.4 YPC. So bare that in mind when giving AP away.

*KB is a target machine since Olsen went down which is why I’d be reluctant to part from him. I also like his schedule for the remainder of the season.

I think if you go for the trade you are in a good position with depth at RB and WR and you’d have a sturdy plug and play QB who you don’t have to worry too much about.

If you don’t do the trade your’e still in a good position, but you have the ballache of having to gamble on there being decent streaming options, which to be honest, there sometimes isn’t anything better than CJ Beathard…

Just my two cents!

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