Opinion on trade

So I was offered John brown and Austin hooper in exchange I would be trading away. Duke Johnson, the mustard, and Corey Davis. The appeal to me in this is I have David njuko and George Kittle who both have the same bye week soon. Any thoughts?

I don’t like it… It’s a lot of nothing moving parts aside from Corey Davis (i know he’s been a bust). Davis’s schedule to close aside from week 14 vs the Jags doesn’t see him face another top tier CB or pass defense ROS. It’s a bold take but he could be a dark horse league winning type guy. There are a few bumps like the Jags week 14 and Washington’s D week 16 but all the other matchups given his target share could be great for him.

Also i know Duke has done nothing all year but with the RB coach now the OC in CLE and with a defensive head coach (and also a moron) in Greg Williams now HC, chances are the running backs coach/OC will be calling plays. Duke is worth a hold just to check on his usage, especially this week in what will be a pass heavy game script for CLE vs KC.

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