Opinions on a 2 QB, 14 team dynasty league?

I just joined a 14 team, 2 qb dynasty league that is starting up this year. What are your thoughts on having two qb’s in a league with 14 teams??

On bye weeks, there will only be 28, 26, or 24 quarterbacks actually playing which means that because each team needs to start two quarterbacks that once or twice a season, my team could be automatically down a starting spot.

Our commissioner says “we’re all at the same disadvantage,” which, no, we are not if I’m starting down a player before the games even begin. He wants quarterbacks to be uber valuable, “like they are in real life.” Even though in the real NFL, no team trots out 10 players for entire games, which is essentially what could happen here.

What do you all think? Is it fair? Is it worth it to do two or do you think one qb would be better?

If you don’t think it’s worth it, how can I make a good argument to the league to get it down to one qb before we do our initial draft?

i think a 2QB league should max out at 10. im ok with a 12 man, but even then it can get messy with byes. so a 14 man is just crazy because it gives so much value to QBs.

it sounds like he is a guy that just wants to have validation to draft QBs high. i have seen that recently, people want to defend drafting QBs in the first 2 rounds.

as for an argument, its simple. its not fun to have to force someone to have an improper lineup. because you will force someone to do that every week after week 4. you want to give QBs more value, AND keep it at a 14 man? make it a superflex. QBs are still highly valuable, but at least then if you dont have an extra one you can play someone else.

He should change it to Superflex. No league is fair where you are not able to start an even lineup. You are definitely not all at the same disadvantage. One owner is bound at some point to play a number of teams that are not starting 2 QB’s and will have a decided advantage to get easy wins. Superflex is way more fun anyway. Also, if that happens in the playoffs, all hell will break loose. Let them all draft QB’s in the first 2-3 rounds and pounce on studs then get your QB’s later, especially with these high upside rooks. Incidentally, your commish needs to figure this out soon because it’s dynasty. You can’t just roll with it for a year and see what happens. His stance is nonsense. A superflex with 6 pt. passing TD’s makes them plenty valuable and makes all those owners that much more gullible. We had a Dyanasty Best Ball superflex startup last year and all the owners who went QB-QB didn’t make the playoffs.

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I totally agree with @Never_Go_Full_PPR. a 14 team leauge should be Superflex. A 10-12 team league can be 2QB.

Just so that it is clear to the OP and anyone else:

  • you can have a 2 QB league where there are literally 2 stating QB spots
  • you can have a Superflex starting lineup spot(s) where QB/RB/WR/TE are all applicable.

This was not clear to me when starting out a few years ago. Hopefully this helps someone new.

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hey now! you best give me my credit! i said it first… lol. just messing with you. im glad people are agreeing, i had a mini moment of wonder like, will people dispute this? its possible. i know some people who really hate superflex.

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Running a 14 team league with 2 QB is absolutely moronic. Y’all need a new commissioner who has common sense.

I am running a superflex 12 man for my house league and even that is pushing it. I am thinking of devaluing the QB a bit by moving down the QB scoring.

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Thanks everyone - I feel validated. Superflex is a great idea. This is why I love this forum.