Opinions on a trade for Jones. Am I missing something?

Full PPR. the J. Jones owner lost Cook and Carson last weekend to injury. Her RB’s are a mess Mixon, D. Henry Fat Rob, Gallman, Rawls.

I have RB’s galore so I traded Ty Mont & Sterling Shepard for Jones & Rob Kelly. (Shepard has out produced Jones to this point).

Most of the league is cool with the trade but one guy is absolutely losing his mind saying I ripped off the Jones owner. Anyone think this is a bad trade? She needed a RB and I think Shepard is an every week starter in a league that starts 3WR’s and a Flex.

I’d say this is a fair trade IMO. Seems like that dude is crazy.

I have Jones and he’s underperformed all year. I like buying low on him, but you’re definitely not ripping anyone off IMO.

If everybody else is cool with it, then I don’t get what the problem is with that one guy?!!

He’s probably mad cuz your team is beastly now. That’s 9 times out of 10 why guys get mad over trades. The trade is very fair.

If you can buy Jones then whatever. It’s a competition. He’s probably pissed he didn’t get Jones.