Opinions on Cam Akers

What do you guys think of RB Cam Akers from Florida State?

I’ve been a Florida State fan my whole life and I know that Akers is very talented, but I wanted to hear your opinions about him.

It’s unfortunate that the teams he ended up playing with were literal garbage. His o-line sucked every year, the coaching was horrible, and his QBs were very mediocre. Yet, he still managed to be a pretty solid RB.

I have picks 1.01 and 1.10 in my dynasty league’s upcoming rookie draft. I know the NFL landing spot for the rookies is a big deal for the fantasy, but I’ve been trying to plan on what to do when my league drafts. I’m really leaning towards drafting CeeDee Lamb at 1.01 and then banking on Cam Akers being there at 1.10.

Is Akers a good option? I know landing spot can totally change where he gets drafted (such as if he landed in Kansas City).

Just having fun planning ahead :joy:

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I love him. Really. He is my RB2 for rookies ATM. Draft will potentially affect that. For now, though, he is my RB2 for rookie RB. I would be shocked if you landed him 1.10, but every league is different.

Not that you asked, but I would flip those positions. I would grab an RB at 1.01 and WR at 1.10. I think there is a closer skill set to WR than RB. That is, the top 4 RB are easily above the others talent wise. Landing spot could muddy this. WR does not have such a clear upper ranking. Again, my takes.

What I would actually do it trade back. I would move that 1.01 back to the 1.03/1.04 at the latest and collect other picks. The second round is stacked and really the meat of this class. You can get many potential contributors at that point. Another nice things is most drafts will not take Lamb at the 1.01, so you might still get him at the 1.03 if you could trade for it.

Obviously you know your league better, but that would be my suggestion. If nothing else, those top RB rookies will be more tradable as typically they produce earlier on, so you might even be able to flip them for something else you want.

I hope any of this helps!

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Thank you that is very helpful!

I may go for one of the RBs @ 1.01 then a WR @ 1.10. I would trade back, but my league doesn’t allow offseason trades (it’s platform is NFL.com). I would love to switch platforms, but I’m not the commissioner.

We will see who gets drafted where! I will probably take one of the top 3 backs if they land in KC. I would love to see Swift on the Chiefs.

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Swift to the Chiefs would make him my RB1 rookie no doubt. Almost anyone there would do that. FWIW, here are my top RBs in tiers. Anyone in any tier is fine to me, and again it is all landing spot dependent. It would take a bit to remove JT, but I could definitely see an argument post draft.

  1. Jonathan Taylor
  2. Cam Akers
  3. D’Andre Swift
  4. Ke’Shawn Vaughn
  5. J.K. Dobbins
  6. Clyde Edwards-Helaire
  7. Antonio Gibson
  8. A.J. Dillon
  9. Zack Moss
  10. DeeJay Dallas
  11. Anthony McFarland
  12. Eno Benjamin
  13. Joshua Kelley
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That is very helpful! Thank you for that. Do you happen to have the WRs tiered too?

As above, so below :wink:

I could frankly see the top 5 in a single tier, but I think there are just enough personal preferences that I have them split. But it is admittedly very close. As well, these are rankings based on talent. Draft capital will make a huge swing with some of these guys.

Ruggs, for example, is only lower because I am not a fan of that prototype in the NFL. The game is maybe changing, but until I see enough of it I am still sticking to my talent ranks for what I like in my WR corp. Shenault is another, except I did ding him for the horrible injury history as recent as the combine. Both of them will jump up if the NFL likes them quite a bit and I would be okay with that.

  1. CeeDee Lamb
  2. Denzel Mims
  3. Jalen Reagor
  4. Justin Jefferson
  5. Jerry Jeudy
  6. Tee Higgins
  7. Bryan Edwards
  8. Michael Pittman
  9. Henry Ruggs III
  10. K.J. Hamler
  11. Donovan Peoples-Jones
  12. Tyler Johnson
  13. Laviska Shenault
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