Opinions on James Robinson

Are you guys keeping him or trying to trade him? I feel like he’s going to keep getting 20+ touches no matter the matchup. So that makes me think I should keep him. But I’ve also had the thought of offering him and DJ Moore for Zeke and Scary Terry. I just wonder if MAYBE the Cowboys might be getting it together enough to trust Zeke as a work horse again and McLaurin is a weekly lock.

What do you guys think?

Any thoughts guys?

I have him in one of my leagues and he’s an absolute start most weeks for me. He has been very reliable and gets a lot of attention in the offense. Even when the Jags are down they still have been utilizing him. He plays Pittsburgh this week so I think this will be the ultimate test for him

So you’re definitely starting him this week?

If I had J Rob, he would be in my line up no question. Imho, he is border line “set and forget” type of player this year.

I say borderline because I dont trust JAX QBs and coaching staff decisions.

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I have Robinson and he’s a must start in my book. He’s been my RB1 for some time with Chris Carson sidelined.


I’m still considering benching him but just like Mr. Recespieces31 said and it’s a great point, the Jacksonsville QB situation isn’t great so they could rely on JRob, plus he is involved in the passing game so even if they get behind he will be available. Luckily, he’s also not TD dependent, everybody thought he was going to have a blowout game last week against GB but he didn’t necessarily, still put up great yards just no TDs. Hard to say but I will more than likely end up starting him, he has a high floor so there’s a plus. Just monitor his health, he’s been limited in practice this week.

I’ve had him since the draft, last pick and i’ve had in my lineup every week from week 2 onwards (bar the bye). He’s been very consistent, solid floor and in the right matchups has a good ceiling too.

I was shopping him to RB needy teams in my league but given the state of the 15+ touch RB landscape unless you are getting a really good asset back that you need (top TE, WR1) and can support losing an every week RB1/2 play you are better of keeping him at this point IMO. I will be.

This week vs PIT i may bench him but it would be for either Kenny G or boom/bust plays in Reagor/Mike Williams. Depends if you have a solid floor, high upside player in a better matchup.

Yeah it’s funny. Right after my fantasy draft, I stumbled onto an article on google, that just appeared under my search bar as I was about to search something completely unrelated, titled “surprise running back tops Jacksonville depth chart.” I had already rostered Thompson as soon as Fournette left. Read that article, picked up J Rob. And same here: he’s started every week since week 2. And it’s a good thing because my first 2 picks were CEH/Drake and my third was DJ Moore :joy:. J Rob saved my season. All my league mates are still wondering how I had the “foresight” to know to grab Robinson. They don’t know it was just right place right time.

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It was listening to podcasts in the off season for me, I don’t think many of my league mates do it and in the latter rounds everyone is grabbing back up QBs and getting kickers and DSTs.

I can’t think of a pick like it, getting an RB1 without needing injury or anything to open the door for them to perform as one in the closing rounds of a draft. Unheard of!