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Opinions on JuJu?


Thinking about trading for JuJu. Wondering what everyone thinks is his floor and ceiling.


How many are in your league and what do you plan on giving up? Personally I wouldn’t do it but every situation is different.


Its a dynasty league. Theres 10 of us. 16 roster spots and 2 IRs


I wouldn’t in a 10 team league. Believe we have seen his ceiling, and is touchdown dependent.


Yeah I agree, really not worth it at this point. Ben is producing this year and seems to be the decline. (Maybe retirement?) But I think if you wanted to trade for high-upside, I would try to take a look at Mike William for LAC. I think he can take some serious pressure off Keenan Allen to produce week in and week out.


Kind of feel like Bryant isnt the answer in Pit and everything is trending towards JuJu. Increase in snaps every single week and increase in targets weekly too. Basically the position is this, I have what looks to be the fourth pick in our rookie draft and another guy has what looks to be the first pick (his team is horrid) and he offered me that pick and JuJu for the pick i have and Mike WIlliams.


I currently have OBJ, Allen Robinson and Edelman on the IR and am playing for next year and for a good pick in our draft