Opinions on Managers Giving Up

Hey Footclan, I wanted to get some thoughts on this situation. For some general context, I’m in a 8 team standard keeper league and I’m not the commissioner. The top 2 teams in each division make it to the winners playoff bracket for our league title. The remaining 4 go into the consolation bracket.

So my issue, the manager who has the worst record just finished the week by leaving a WR spot open. Not because he was ahead and didn’t want to risk getting negative points. He was losing but had a chance to make move for a SNF or MNF player to potentially win the week. Instead he just left his team as is and took the loss. Fortunately he lost to the team with the 2nd worst record. HOWEVER, my issue hes already said he’s given because of the bad start and injuries and admittedly some family issues. Should I bother mentioning something to make sure he puts out a full lineup? He playing some managers who I’m competing with for a playoff spot. If they’re just given victories because this one play a full lineup, I feel its not in the right spirit for those of us who are trying.

Am I right to be concerned or just being nitpicking?

I am with in the sense that even if your team is bad, you should still attempt to win.

In one of my leagues, I was destroyed by injuries and in 2nd to last place. However, I love the chance now to play spoiler to playoff hopeful teams.

In another league, I am battling for 1st place. The team I am fight against plays the given up team who has 2 players on IR in and one on bye for this week, an easy win.

It is annoying, but if the team owner no longer cares, it is hard to get them to set their line-ups to at least be sort of competitive.

Idk if this will help you at all now but we set a rule before the start that any not set lineup where its either unfilled or an ir guy in is 5$ to the league fund that goes to the winner so its a good way to make sure people set their stuff up late in the year when their out of it already