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Opinions on Michael Thomas?


Opinions on Michael Thomas? I have pick #8 in a 12 team. Would it be silly to draft him at 8? I feel like he has a solid floor with a ceiling of a top 3 WR. Thoughts? Is getting him at 8 crazy? Or should I see if he’ll fall to my next pick, 17. Thanks everyone, have a good night!


No, not crazy. Definitely the potential to be a top 3. Just be cognizant of what your whole team will look like, do some mocks from that spot. If you were to go rb next, you’ll probably be looking at a Fournette, Gurley, Ajayi. Someone like that. If you’re comfortable with that caliber of a rb1 then go for it!


Standard or ppr?

For context, Thomas is currently being drafted 13th in ppr and 16th in standard.

I can tell you that I wouldn’t draft Thomas 8th overall as there would be at least a few rbs/wrs that I would prefer in that spot. That being said, at this point chances are better than average that Thomas won’t be there for you in the second round, so if he’s one of “your guys” and you have a feeling about him, you’ll probably have to take him there in the first.

At the end of the day fantasy football is a game and nobody knows for sure how things are going to play out, so go with your gut and take your players. If it works out, it will be that much sweeter.


Kaiser and Rob are both spot on. If you want Thomas, pick him because it is unlikely he’ll be there for your 2nd pick.

I think he has a nice high floor, so it is unlikely he will hurt your team. If he is your guy and he is a top 5 WR, he pays you nicely. Last year people drafted Lamar Miller and Todd Gurley in the first round … shit happens.