Opinions on the Denver backfield

What is everyone’s feelings on the Denver backfield after this game?

Personally as a Lindsay owner I’m excited to see that even in a blowout victory he got a decent share of the touches.

How should we feel about Freeman? He got touches but was inefficient and only saved his day because of the TD.

Glad to see Booker got little to no action.

Sadly Vance is to stupid to play his best players in the ways that they need to be played. Meaning Booker is probably still gonna get played because the broncos wont be up this big every week and they use him in the pass game. Lindsey is the best back to own and you can play him every week but dont trust that Vance will give him the 15-20 touches he deserves. Also Freeman isn’t a bad Rb so he will get play aswell.

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As a broncos fan, I’m annoyed with the back field.

Honestly Freeman is a beast, and an effective pass catcher. Which they don’t use at all… he’s actually pretty darn good at it. So like teams just stack the box when Freeman’s on the field because they know they’re running the ball…

I do like Lindsay 100% I think it’d be an awesome tandem if they used Freeman the right way. It bums me out that people are so down on Freeman. He’s like a Jordan Howard type player but better catching ability. He could be just as good imo.

And I wince and wanna throw up anytime I see Booker on the field… but

Freeman has a high ankle sprain now so he could be out 3-4 weeks. Have Lindsay and enjoy it.

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I was a Freeman owner (Traded Him for Golladay couple weeks back) but I also own Lindsay and I love the little bastard… He’s so much fun to watch… And he’s been very consistent in fantasy which makes owning him really nice… Who cares if Freeman is the better RB we’re talking about fantasy here and I want them points lol


Keep lindsay and try to bank on freeman TD this week in a trade