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Opinions on this trade?


Team A:
Amari Cooper
Jimmy Graham

Team B:
Demaryius Thomas
Ty Montgomery

Some of these guys have controversial values like Cooper, some see the breakout others think its another year of the same… and with Ty Mont some people think he’s going to break out as an all-star RB… others think Williams will take over the early down role… so I think your perspective would determine winner in this trade.


I think it also depends on team construction of both sides before this trade as one involves a tight end and one side has a running back.


Cooper has higher upside, DT has a higher floor so they wash imo. Team construction is needed with TE vs RB. I don’t think trading a RB away for a TE is wise so if you are, you’d be losing at this point in the season.


Yeah well here’s the deal… I have 6 starting RBs lol… Gordon, Howard, Hunt, Ty Mont, Abdulla, and Martin (with Jacquizz standing in)… I’m trying to move some of them to boost my roster since my WR group is pretty mediocre… I personally see this as I’m paying up for an improvement on WR and a huge boost to TE… I’m high on Graham this year but I agree with @Denton.steve1116 that it generally isn’t smart to give up a RB for a TE… I don’t quite see DT and Coop as a wash but I do have Coop as my WR10 with higher upside and DT not far behind at like WR12-15 just because of the QB play… My WRs are DT, Pryor, Marshall, and Snead… I’m uneasy with Pryor after these last few preseason games and I’m less confident in Snead’s weekly floor than I was before… seems like he could be inconsistent like last year but with a little more volume… idk after thinking about it some more I pulled the trade back… its just right now people don’t think they need RBs so I’ll give them until week 3-5ish when it becomes clear that you’re going to struggle without at least 1 top 12ish RB…


Having too much depth at RB is a good problem. It has been a trend the last few years that a top end WR will be available on waivers within the first 3 weeks. All that said, if you feel that this trade balances you out better I can’t argue with it.


Yeah like I said I pulled the trade back. Just thinking back to last year we were all pretty confident in our teams before week 1… and by week 3 people were dumping off actual stud WRs for any RB that was producing… first and second round RBs last year were pretty much a complete disaster between the likes of Gurley, Miller, and Martin… hell one guy traded Nelson for Hyde early on because 2 of his top 3 RBs were Abdulla and Rawls lol. My WRs should be good enough to get me through the first few weeks before people who didn’t draft RB depth start to panic when their guys don’t work out. I’m just antsy for the season and theory crafting these trades is all I have to keep my entertained in the meantime lol.


I know what you mean. 9 days