Opinions on trade

I would be getting Julio Jones and ameer Abdullah. I would be trading away Cameron Brate, d. Thomas, and garçon. Have Mike Evans, Aj green, Emmanuel sanders. For running backs I have fournette, ajayi, McKinnon, ivory. And gronk for a tight end. This is a full ppr league. Thoughts on this deal? :thinking:

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how many starting RB / WR / Flex

2 receivers 2 running backs and one flex spot

I would do it. You upgrade your receivers and add a running back. I would offer Ivory instead of Brate though. Brate would probably give you more than Ivory in the flex

I would definitely do that trade!

He’s not interested in ivory. I only picked him up as a handcuff for fournette :tipping_hand_man:t3: Brate is a make or break for him in the deal

Well I would do it anyway. You could probably pick up somebody who would give you almost the production of Brate for when Gronk goes on bye

I would definately do that trad