Opinions on Trequan smith

I have

Jordan Howard
Leonard Fournette
Royce Freeman
Ito smith
Trey burton
Jermaine Kearse
Tyler Boyd

As my back ups, do I drop any of them for Smith? I’m thinking burton cause I have Kittle, tried to trade but my league sucks at responding to offers and texts most times.

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Bumpity hump bump

I’m also debating whether or not to drop Kearse for Smith of Meredith… Not here to help at all just here to jump on the bandwagon lol

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Kearse has a nice floor but not much upside. I’m a Jets fan, they have alot of back and receivers this season. The TE’s are getting more involved too. Kearse is a very good wr for fantasy if you want consistent points. If you want upside Smith is much better. Plus Ted Ginn just went to the IR.

I picked up Cameron Meredith for a minimum bid on Wednesday, Smith will be gone by Friday I would imagine. I like Meredith more because he is a veteran, a tall receiver, Ben Watson is getting up there, Meredith can be the red zone threat?? So Meredith could also benefit from Thomas getting double covered, the backs getting attention, and Smith being a rookie, and Meredith plays in the slot which I really like.

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Tre’Quan. He will be WR2 end of season. Meredith for right now. Tre’Quan will blow up in the playoffs unfortunately. Don’t go near any of them is all I can say. Don’t do it. Kamara is the WR2. WR3 on that team is an experiment being performed real time.

If you drop anyone, gotta drop Burton. No point in having 2 TEs