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Opinions please


Going to be starting a dynasty league soon and wanted you guys opinions of what’s a better site for dynasty, ESPN or Fleaflicker? Thanks.


I’m using fleaflicker for both my dynasty leagues right now and it is very good


If you’re willing to put in the extra work I think having the app with ESPN is a benefit, but flea flicker works just fine if you need everything to be in the site as a commissioner.


@MachoManFredSavage what do you mean? extra work like what?


You will have to deal with trading of future years draft picks, player trades in the offseason. Flea flicker allows things like that in the system so the players deal with it themselves. If you use ESPN you would have to keep track of those things using a google doc or something. Basically ESPN creates more work for you as a commissioner, but it does give the benefit of an app.


@MachoManFredSavage Oh okay. Fleaflicker actually has an app now, at least on IPhone. It’s pretty nice although I do like The ESPN app more.