Opinions plz

K. Benjamin & C.Thompson or Ajayi & J. Nelson

Who are you taking ROS

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Yuk, I can make an argument either way for this. Both of these combos are low floor super high ceiling. My gut tells me Ajayi/Nelson, but I don’t like it.

Same trade except with Montgomery instead of ajayi

My Rob would be Thompson l, ajayi, Gore

Wr K. Benjamin, Hogan, Parker, Ginn, Sanu

Some other waiver fill ins

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do it, definitely get whatever you can for Montgomery before he’s worth absolutely nothing

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Pulled the trigger thx. Jordy is gonna blow now haha

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Ok I still don’t get why Monty has lost all value now. He was very productive per touch. The most likely situation is he moves to a flex play instead of an RB1. I mean he is also a top 3 handcuff worst case.

Montgomery had two good games. His ceiling is huge. But I think his floor is 0 with injury risk and a backup QB. Especially if you look at his upcoming defenses. I was more concerned about loosing Jordy. I think it’s worth the risk to upgrade my RB situation.

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Sorry you are correct, I sort of shifted from the trade to Ty’s value.