Opinions wanted- Please

What do you guys think?
14 person- 2 player keeper league(standard).

Derrick Henry and Russel Wilson for Dalvin Cook and Terry McClaurin.

I’m the Henry and Wilson owner.
Getting another top 15 WR could def help my team and Cook- well Cook.

This is a 1 QB league- and I’m not sure if I really wanna play the steam game leading up to playoffs or in playoffs.

Should I say nay to this trade? Or am I valuing Wilson too much?

I would rather have Henry and Wilson. Henry is going to be great in the next couple of weeks. This week was a tough matchup. Wilson should be a QB1 all season with how bad the Seahawks defense is.

Dalvin Cook is great, but has a hard playoff schedule. It’s not clear what McClaurin is going to look like with Alex Smith. Smith has a history of not throwing the ball deep.

Thanks Jack_Watts,

I’m thinking the same thing.
I was trying to just keep it Henry for Cook and using Henry’s schedule as leverage.

Wilson is having too good a season to part I think. But that’s definitely a great offer. Cook deal and not totally emptying the ranch.

Congratulations BTW on being in a league that good offers sometimes need to be rejected. I have a league where I decided to explore deandre hopkins value and dj Moore was the best offer. Absolute despair

I got Wilson through a trade too- and I hate to give him up. I don’t think I want Cook that bad while I have Henry and losing Wilson too. It’s def a good offer but in a deep league that’s losing a bit much. At least that’s my thinking right now. Trade deadline is tomorrow.

DJ Moore for Hopkins?! Ha oh no!!!

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Ugh. Yeah I’m gonna say no.

…unless someone else wants to change my mind!