Opponent caught colluding, please help with Start/Sits

An opponent admitted that he traded away Tyreek Hill for Sanu and Tate because he gives up and his roster is trash. To make it worse he trades him to my opponent this week. It seems as if the trade is going to go through even though we have a trade review period. I have never wanted to win so badly before in my life. My line up before i found this out was:
His Line-up is (Luckily he has Zeke on Bye):
QB: J. Winston QB: K. Cousins
RB: M. Ingram RB: P. Lindsay
RB: J. Howard RB: L. Blount
WR: A. Thielen WR: T. Hill
WR: D. Adams WR: E. Sanders
WR: J. Gordon WR: K. Galloday
TE: Z. Ertz TE: K. Rudolph
Flex: D. Baldwin Flex: C. Sutton
D/ST: Bears D/ST: Colts
K: Bailey K: Fairbairn

BE: J. Brown
BE: C. Clement
BE: D. Johnson
BE: R. Mostert
(Rest of my bench is injured)

I feel confident that I can get a win this week but my RB’s really scare me, especially against Lindsay this week. Would you consider playing any of those RB’s ahead of Howard or Ingram?

Sorry, I have no idea how to format it. This seems almost impossible to be able to read. My line up is the left side and my opponent is the right side if that helps

Also, no joke the formatting removes the additional spaces. That’s weird.

Yeah, I would say you have a decent shot. I think that your RBs have a bit more potential than his. Lindsay could have an amazing game, but then again Booker could get in there and mess it all up if they are trailing way behind, which, isn’t that crazy of a thought. Blount will obviously vulture TDs, but he is dependent upon that

Also, is that David Johnson on your bench? If so I would play him over Howard 100%.

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Agree. Get DJ off that bench : )

I wish had David johnson! I didn’t even notice it looks like that. To be more specific, it is Duke Johnson hahah

That makes a bit more sense!