Opponent team hurting on rb trying to capitalize

So someone in my league has fournette and ajayi and is really hurting at RB…if I packaged cooks/Collins/McCoy is this enough to get either his Michael Thomas or fournette? I realize I’m low balling on the RBs but he’s in desperate need and could probably plug and play both of them

i can’t imagine you could get MT with that, but a truly desperate team might take a second look at the fournette offer. the question is if you really want/can afford to give up Cooks.

I’m really deep on WR, but he literally has no RBs to play his bench is tevin Coleman, gio, Royce freeman, and Lamar Miller. I need someone to replace Conner when bell is back, so trying to make moves to acquire one or get a good piece to flip for another rb2