Opportunity to get DJ?

I am in a 14 team, 1/2 PPR, Auction Dynasty League with a $280 cap. I currently have Gordon, Gurley, and Crowell at RB and I am thinking of going after David Johnson (I know he’s injured). He is only $21 and can be kept next year for $30 (Bell went for $101 in this league). The guy who owns DJ only has Kamara, McFadden, and Carson. Does the following trade make sense:

I give: Crowell ($16), Olsen ($35), Benjamin ($8)
I get: David Johnson ($21 and $30 next year), Doyle ($4), and Fitzgerald ($28)

If projections are correct (8-12 weeks) he would be back between week 10-13 (in time for the playoffs) and if it looks bleak I could trade him as well.

being able to keep DJ for 30$ means making this trade makes sense regardless of your roster construction this year, especially if your dynasty is continuing for multiple years.

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