Optimize my lineup

10-team PPR. Taking on last years Champ (so he has CMC is broken on his bench). I have no injuries, so this is my chance to take him down.

His lineup:

QB: Cam Newton @KC
RB: Josh Jacobs vs Buf
RB: Nick Chubb @Dal
WR: Calvin Ridley @GB
WR: Odell Beckham @Dal
TE: Hayden Hurst @GB
Flex: Mike Davis vs Ari
Flex: N’Keal Harry @KC
His bench has no one really worth starting over any of them except Tyler Boyd vs Jax

My lineup:
QB: Dak Prescott vs Cle
RB: Kenyan Drake @Car
RB: Clyde Edwards-Helaire vs NE
WR: Robert Woods vs NYG
WR: Cooper Kupp vs NYG
TE: Noah Fant @NYJ
Flex: James Robinson @Cin
Flex: Kenny Golladay vs NO

DJ “Get Your Sh*t Together NOW” Moore vs Ari
David Johnson vs Min
Mike Gesicki vs Sea
No one else I’d consider starting.

My issue is that I worry Woods/Kupp, while a potent combo, are going up against a team so awful that they won’t even need to be used much. This could be the Henderson Show for the Rams. But if I don’t start both, which one DO I start???

DJ Moore is starting to piss me off. I don’t tolerate “crap shoots” from “WR1s.” That’s why he’s currently on the bench. If you can change my mind, feel free to try, but WR1’s put up double-digit points WEEK IN/WEEK OUT.

David Johnson is interesting. He could have a great week. But he hasn’t had more than 15 total touches in a game yet and Bill O’brien is a moron, apparently, who trades a top WR for a RB and then doesn’t utilize said RB.

I think Fant over Gesicki is the safe option here. Again, change my mind.

I also question starting Golladay vs a top 2 def vs WR’s, but he also could be targeted a lot in a potential shoot-out.

I know I’ve set myself up well and this seems like a “oh my wallet is too small for all these 100’s” question, but I really want to beat this guy and start 4-0.

Agreed with Fant > Gesicki if you just want a safer floor. TE’s have been pretty rough this year outside of Kelce so if you want consistent production then Fant is probably the guy. That being said, if you want to swing for the fences then i think Gesicki has excellent “boom” potential in an offense that will likely be playing catchup all game.

I wouldn’t start 2 WR’s on the same team in any lineup despite them both being top 20 guys, you just don’t know who could be the flavor of the day. That being said, i’m biased to say Woods is a safer option as i have him in 3 leagues and Kupp has been up and down so far. I think Moore needs a “get right” game (also own moore in 2 leagues) and think this is as safe a matchup as it can be for him. You drafted him high to be a WR1 (as did I) so we gotta keep the faith that he’s going to get right. I’d worry about Golladay as well as he’s likely going to be shadowed by Lattimore all day and have a tough time, but both Lazard and Waller didn’t seem to have too much of an issue putting up points so could be overthinking it. David Johnson has a juicy matchup against the vikings, i think his floor is safer than Golladays so could see putting him but i think it’s a toss up/personal preference.

*Edit: i just saw Broncos are putting in some scrub at QB for the thursday night game, although it’s against the lowly Jets. IDK if that changes your mind at all, the TE could be a safety blanket for him or he could just be abysmal, we just don’t know. I’d personally play Gesicki because at least i know what i’m getting with him

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