Options for last couple of picks

If I recall correctly one of the guys mentioned Davontae Booker as a perfect last round pick on a recent show, because you’ll know if he’s gonna be valuable or if you can drop him for a waiver pickup in the first couple of weeks.

I’m looking for more players like that (RB and WR mostly, but feel free to throw in some TEs or IDPs if you want). Ideally with some explanation as to what I should be looking for to decide if they can be dropped early.

Off the dome…

Kenneth Dixon (RB) - Assuming he and Alex Collins are healthy, you’ll know soon whether they share the work or Dixon becomes the pass catcher

Austin Seferian-Jenkins (TE) - Jax apparently like him a lot. Hard to say who in the offense will get targets

Donte Moncrief (WR) - Jax paid up to get him. Similar concerns/reasons as ASJ. Hard to say what Jax passing attack will look like in 2018. Moncrief is a touchdown threat.

Terrelle Pryor - I would think he’s mostly undrafted. Could have work with NYJ

Thanks these are already some great suggestions. Jenkins was drafted earlier than I would have thought/liked in my league, but the other three are stil available at this point. (A few more rounds to go in an email draft.)

I’ll gladly take more suggestions, though. :slight_smile:

Cordarrelle Patterson - Bill Belichik traded for him and told him “We’ll make you the player you should be.”