Order of waiver claims this week

What do you all think of my order of ww adds?

I Would move Watson down to 3 and sutton up to 2. the QB is easily replaceable,

Sutton at 2 but I wouldn’t drop Luck. He is going to be a top 5 Qb down the stretch and you don’t have to worry about him clinching in the playoffs. Find a way to keep him.

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Ya I have Rivers as my every week QB but thought since Watson is on waivers i should target him considering his current hot streak.

Yeah I agree try and keep luck or trade him at least because somebody is going to pick him up. Try shipping him out for a WR2 or a top defense or kicker if you’re really going to drop him

You think Luck will be the better fantasy play ROS over Watson, even with the Thomas trade?


It’s hard to say now that DT is in Houston but Andrew luck has been on an absolute tear recently. I think he will end the season with a higher ranking than Watson. But if you really dont want luck try and trade him for a top DST or kicker

How would you rate Rivers, Luck, Watson…ROS?

Luck, Watson, Rivers

Really? Interesting…I would have thought Rivers #1 because his matchups are more favorable going forward

You should seek the advice of others on this forum, but that is my opinion. I base this on Luck having such ridiculous passing volume (and solid skills/supporting cast) above all, Watson being the most talented, and Rivers being the oldest.