Orphan team, 14 Team PPR, Salary Cap, Contract Dynasty league Opening

I have a long running league on MFL with an orphaned team. The league is a 14 Team, PPR, Salary Cap with Contracts league and we have owners from all over the US and Canada as well as one from the UK and another from Germany.

The roster has some solid players, Wilson at QB, Taylor and Jacobs at RB, Claypool and Aiyuk, Pitts and it has the 1.01 in the draft this year. It shows over cap right now and there are some expired contracts but you will have the option to franchise tag or extend a couple guys. The rest will be cut to get under cap. After that, we will have a free agent auction and then the annual rookie draft. We also use Victory Points. If you have interest and are an active owner looking to continue to build this team take a look at the roster attached. There is a small annual entry fee. If you want to know more after looking at the roster, feel free to reach out and ask. Thanks!