Orphan Team - $25 Superflex Dynasty 12 Teams - FILLED

Looking for someone to take over an orphan team in a pretty active league.

$25/year, may vote higher in the future. Hit me up on Sleeper in you are interested, first come first serve. @Morimlii

Here is the roster:
K. Murray
T. Bridgewater
M. Ryan

N. Hines
C. Edwards-Helaire
M. Brown
L. Fournette
J. Mixon
D. Henderson
R. Armstead
L. Perine
L. Bowden
D. Evans

A. Robinson
A. Cooper
D. Johnson
C. Patterson
S. Watkins
D. Robinson
J. Edelman
K. Bourne
C. Kirk
P. Campbell
J. Hurd

L. Thomas
M. Gesicki
D. Arnold
I. Smith

2021 3rd
2021 4th