Orphan Team Has 1.3 and all picks

Team has pretty much all picks and has pick 1.3 this year:

Buy in is $20 per season if you’re interested please let me know:

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Hey there, I am interested in this team! You can message me on sleeper at KN18.

Also interested if still available? octoberland on sleeper

What’s up @Knoce18

Interested if still available
@dustinh on sleeper

Hey this team is no longer available but I do have other team available. Team is pretty good.

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if this one is still available, i might be interested. Aerobash33 on sleeper

I may be interested in this @jusboro on Sleeper.

I’d take it over. @broberts on sleeper

Howdy! Sorry I missed this. Looks like you have some takers so that’s awesome! I was interested in the other squad as it had some pieces I do not own. You are right that this is a good squad, but I would have passed due to existing player shares.

If anything else opens up I’m always keen to hear. Good luck this season!