Orphan team OWNER NEEDED

Hi folks. I had someone drop out of our dynasty league. Looking for someone to fill in. It is a money league. $20.00 but our rule is first year is free if you take over a team.
It is a ppr league 10 teams. 1 qb 2rb,wr 1 te 1 flex 1 dst 1 kicker on ESPN

3 round rookie draft. We drop 3 players before the draft then we have a rookie/FA Draft usually August.

We have a fail safe put in. If an owner hits "Dynasty " which is 3 championships in 5 years or 3 in a row. If you hit that you get the side pot which is $50.00 a year then once that hits we reset the league and start over again. We are a year or two from resetting btw

It’s a fun group of friends. We are from the Pittsburgh area and would like to try to keep someone close in the area. If anyone has any questions or are interested Email me. I check that more RyanDzik@gmail.com

I’m interested. I sent you an email.