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Orphan team


We had a user not participate and are looking for 1 more person to take over his team in a dynasty league (start up). Drop your email if you want it!


You drafted already? Which app? Can I see the team?



Damn, I’m guessing he left because he didn’t draft very well lol


He literally drafted 4-5 of my “don’t ever touch” guys :sweat_smile::sob:


7 benched QBs… :scream: I’m sorry but that team will give me an aneurysm. if he didn’t draft so many QB maybe but that team is destined to get beat on for 2-3 years and then lose all it’s talent to retirement and he didn’t even draft for the future well other than looooaaaadddding up at QB lol. Sorry that guy pretty much ruined everything lol


This would be my first go at a dynasty league and the roster is very ugly but I would be interested to giving it a shot to correct it. cody.j.galbraith@gmail.com


Challenge Accepted. I’ll give that team a home lol Greasemonkey_1992@yahoo.com


Is it still available ? I’ll take it


I’ll take it. mikeshapiro@live.com