Orphaned Dynasty Team - The Remix

(Sounding the Horn of Gondor ) Footclan Assemble! Have an orphaned dynasty team I need a manager for. I advertised it here before and had a manager that had to backout.

Free league. All you need to bring to enter is your pride and a willingness to win. There are already two other footclan members in the league. Why not go for the best! League is through Sleeper. ½ pt ppr, 1 QB, 3WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 Flex (not superflex).

There are a few details to go over if you’re interested. It’s a 10-team dynasty. We are redrafting the league. However, each team will get the option to keep two players on the current roster at ADP at the time of draft. Meaning, if you have Barkley (and you will) and keep him that will count as your first-round pick (assuming he has a 1st round ADP). All other players are going back into the draft. We will have a rookie draft shortly after league fills and then a regular draft closer to the season.

League has been together for 5 years. Some pretty big changes coming to the league this year. I’m interested in more but a little at a time. Big changes scare people. Changes this year are platform, from yahoo to sleeper, extra wr, and FAAB. These changes present situations that are new so some patience may be necessary but it’s a good league with good people and we’ll have fun through it all.

If you’re interested, please email me at mirmod2002@yahoo.com. Please tell me a little about yourself and if you’ve played in a dynasty league before.