OTC Startup Draft

So I am on the clock at 1.4 standard startup dynasty draft. Hopkins, Gurley and Zeke is off the board. I am trying to trade back to later in the first, but I am thinking of taking OBJ at 1.04, but I am nervous with the injury as well as Eli. I am thinking of being stud WR’s for my team base but I also like A.B. (but older) as well as bell, but again older. Let me know your opinons please. TIA

Bell or DJ would be my Picks!
And personally I’m leaning to Leveon!

I would go Bell, OBJ, DJ, Barkley in that order. Having a stud RB I think is key especially in standard

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OBJ would be my pick at 1.01, so I’d jump on him at 4.