OUCH, a whole team of poopers

My lineup today so far.

Watson - 4
Chubb - 9
Marquise Brown - 2
Jason Witten - 3
Pit DST - 1
Joey Sly - 3

Still have Jacobs Tyreek and Coleman… but pretty sure I can put this on in the L column.

Feel your pain here, this will be my third loss in a row, falling to 6-5. Clinging onto the last playoff spot by points scored to defend my back to back titles.

With this roster, 12 team full PPR. This week it was going well enough, then Gallup, Sutton and the Ravens DST happened and none of my guys showed up. Basically need 25 from Coleman to level and Allen to out score Melvin on Monday night… I’m tilting pretty hard now

QB - Ryan
RBs - Kamara, DJ, Jones, Singletary, Coleman, White
WRs - Hopkins, Allen, Amari Cooper, Godwin,
TE - Engram, Cook (fill in)
K - Tucker
DST - Bills

This lineup scored 37 points…