Outsider opinion. What do you think?

12 team league ppr - I’m currently in 1st (6-1)

Been discussing trades with people since alot of my team has been doing well.

I was offered this trade and was hoping for some other opinions.

I am giving: tannehill, Henry and mclauren

I am getting : Kyler, thielen and Henderson

Wow this one is tough. I think your team is good currently, but could use a slight upgrade at WR. But I’m not too sure if this is the best move. As there is too much drop off from Henry to Henderson. My gut says to stay put


Thanks for confirming what my gut was telling me. The Kyler peice really made this intriguing, especially since I’m so strong at rb. I’ve had multiple offers but this one… Whew, the guy wasn’t messing around.

I would keep what you have.

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I’d stay put. The drop off from Henry to Henderson is too much. It’s always enticing to get Murray but Tannehill has be great this year.

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